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Chase Lane
Primary School

" I always try my very very best at everything "

Assessment & the new curiculum

In September 2014 the Government introduced the revised National Curriculum that is statutory for all maintained schools to follow.  At Chase Lane we have fully embedded its use.  We follow the Mastery model where all children are expected to achieve key concepts.  Some then explore their learning at a greater depth.

Children are then assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths against the end of year expectations for their year group.

See below for details

Rec REm
Rec RD
Rec Av RS
Rec REx
Y1 1Em
Y1 1D
Y1 1S
Y1 1Ex
Y2 2Em
Y2 2D
Y2  Av 2S
Y2 2Ex
Y3 3Em
Y3 3D
Y3  Av 3S
Y3 3Ex
Y4 4Em
Y4 4D
Y4  Av 4S
Y4 4Ex
Y5 5Em
Y5 5D
Y5  Av 5S
Y5 5Ex
Y6 6Em
Y6 6D
Y6  Av 6S
Y6 6Ex

Em = Emerging, this means the child is emergent in that curriculum dor the year group.

D = Developing, means that the child’s knowledge of the curriculum is increasing and becoming more secure.

S = Secure, Child is at average expected attainment for the year group.

Ex = Exceeding, child has shown to grasp key concepts taught and explore them at greater depth.