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Chase Lane
Primary School

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Friends of Chase Lane

Welcome to our fundraising page!

Who are we?

Friends of Chase Lane Primary School is traditionally a thriving group of fundraisers, including the Head Teacher, staff and parents, who meet about once or twice per half-term to discuss innovative methods by which to boost the school's funds; not only to purchase much needed extra equipment for the children, but also to enrich the children's education by organising and subsidising treats and special experiences.

In the past few years, Friends  have been proud to provide extensive funds towards the purchase of major items such as sophisticated computer equipment, outside shade, wet play games and playground furniture throughout the school, as well as providing everyday essentials such as books, glue pots and scissors - and subsidising lots of extra treats such as workshops, musical events and days out for the children too.

As well as providing equipment, we have also organised annual non-fundraising events such as the Reception Teddy Bears' Picnic and the Year 6 Leavers' Discos. We have also provided Christmas presents and other gifts for the children each year.

And, of course, there have been plenty of fun events organised to raise these funds, such as Fairs, Bingo Nights and Discos etc. etc. etc. which have been great fun and excellent value for our children, their families and the local community.


Friends of Chase Lane Primary School will always welcome new members from within the school community and are grateful for the ongoing support of children, family and friends of the school, for whom many thousands of pounds are raised every year. Meetings are always fun, friendly and informal. Please contact the school or email  if you wish to join us or help in any way.


At the Annual General Meeting on 20th September 2023, members voted as follows:-

  • Chair : Maria Brown
  • Vice Chair: Joanne Woodford and Rudie Pascall
  • Treasurer : Natalie Lawrence 
  • Secretary: Maria Kouva

You can contact any of the above members by emailing

Upcoming events 

  • Family Bingo, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Friday 15th March 2024
  • Year 2 & 3 Disco, 6.30pm - 8.30pm Friday 10th May 2024
  • Year 4 & 5 Disco 6.30pm - 8.30p, Friday 17th May 2024
  • Whole School Pyjama Day, Friday 24th May 2024
  • Summer Fair, 12pm - 3pm, Sunday 7th July 2024
  • Year 6 Leavers Disco, 6.30pm - 8.30pm Fiday 19th July 2024