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Chase Lane
Primary School

" I always try my very very best at everything "

27th November 2017

We have enjoyed a fantastic Science week and our children conducted an experiment involving:

Vinegar  &   Bicarbonate of Soda

We poured some vinegar into a small jar and then added a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda.  Then we watched what happened! 

“It’s exploding!”  “It’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger!”   “That’s so cool!”   “It’s like a volcano!” were just some of the reactions. 

The children were able to predict what they thought might happen and then discuss what actually did happen.  We talked about the smell of vinegar and what it reminded us of – lots of children said crisps!

Why not try it at home?

We also took part in the Children in Need appeal and it was great fun to see the children in their spotty clothes – we have some very creative families! The children learnt about why we raise money to help other children who perhaps do not have the nice things we have and they made a special spotty Pudsey bear cake to take home. 

We are now busy getting ready for Christmas and the children are making decorations and practising their songs for the concert.  Remember the concert is on Monday 18th December so please do try to come along!