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10th November 2017

Here's the latest Nursery News from 10th November 2017

Nursery Update – 10th November 2017

Since returning to Nursery after the October half term, the children have been very busy!

We all enjoyed watching a firework in the outdoor classroom. We learnt how far away we have to stand from the firework in order to keep safe, as well as learning that only adults are allowed to touch them and that even adults must not go near a firework once it is lit.  The children thought the firework was “noisy”, “sparkly”, “smelly” and “awesome” amongst other things.

Following the firework theme, we made ‘Chocolate Sparklers’ where the children learnt that they could melt chocolate by dipping the chocolate finger in warm water briefly. They then dipped the finger in some sprinkles to create the sparkler. 

We have been very active with Mr Court, our Sports Coach. The children have been focussing on moving in different ways, negotiating space and obstacles.  After completing the obstacles courses a couple times, Mr Court made it even trickier by asking the children if they could try the course whilst balancing a beanbag on their head!

More recently, we thought about the poppy and what it means. The children watched a brief animated clip from CBeebies ( and we discussed how we can wear a poppy to help us remember not to fight and to be kind to each other. The children then made a poppy biscuit by covering a biscuit with red icing and adding a chocolate button for the centre.

We look forward to providing more updates about what we are learning in Nursery in the very near future – watch this space!