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Chase Lane
Primary School

" I always try my very very best at everything "

Success at the Urban League DebateMate

We are extremely proud of the achievements of the children who attended the recent Urban League DebateMate

Several of our DebateMate children, with their newly acquired debating skills, recently attended the first round of the Urban Debate League, along with 84 other schools in February.  I am absolutely delighted to announce that we came 2nd in this round, another school in Newham came first, which means we are currently second nationally, second in London and first in Waltham Forest.

Chase Lane will be hosting the second round on Thursday 9th March when we will be welcoming DebateMate teams from other schools.  We are very much looking forward to this, and hope to continue with our success.  I am immensely proud of the children; DebateMate is proving to be a huge asset to our children and the new skills and confidence they are gaining are invaluable for now and their future.

The national finals will be held in the House of Lords in May