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Chase Lane
Primary School

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DebateMate visit to Houses of Parliament

DebateMate trip to Houses of Parliament

On Monday 11th April, some of the DebateMate children were invited to attend a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Imaan in 5LC wrote the following report

'On Monday 11th April, we went to Parliament for a tour.  It is also known as The Westminster Palace.  Our tour guide was called Helen.  She brought us to the other side of the palace to start the tour.  First we started at the stairs where the queen walks up on the day she has to wear the Imperial Crown.  After that, we saw a mini model of the Houses of Parliament and some pictures of some of the queens and kings.  The best rooms were the House of Lords and The House of Commons, where they debate.  The queen doesn't have permission to go into the House of Commons so she sends her messenger, Black Rod.  Then they start to debate (that's how it's linked to DebateMate).  Then we went to the royal art gallery and the pictures were of a war and they were really detailed.  Lastly, we came back into Westminster Hall.'                                                                                                                                                     Imaan  5LC