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Chase Lane
Primary School

" I always try my very very best at everything "

'Our Trip to see the Mayor'

On Monday 25th January some of the children from our DebateMate Society visited the Town Hall and the Mayor's Chambers and Lucy and Ruqayyah have written the following account:-

'First, we arrived at the Town Hall and a gentleman came out and took us to the chamber and we asked Mr Begg some questions.

Next, Tony came in and told us that we needed to listen out for 3 loud knocks and stand up.  When we heard this, the Mayor came in.

After that, we asked her questions and the first question was how much her chain weighed.  She said that it weighed 426 grams and the badge weighed another 194 grams.

Not only did we meet her but we got to go into her office.  She had loads of things that had been passed down from the Mayor before her.  She told us that when she goes out she had to wear a fake chain.

Finally, we had our own mini election and May won.  She had 11 votes, 2nd place went to Zain with 4 votes and in 3rd place was Miami with 1 vote.

We really enjoyed our trip and would love to come again.    Lucy & Ruqayyah





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