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Chase Lane
Primary School

" I always try my very very best at everything "

Red Nose Day

Chase Lane Primary celebrated Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March 2015

The children and teachers certainly embraced the meaning of Comic Relief today. The children and staff cames dressed in an item of red clothing and had red noses, red spots and any other red item they could find! The staff did a wonderful dance to Uptown Funk, the children were shown a meaningful video of the wonderful work that Comic Relief do and donations were made by our generous children, parents and staff.

The children also told jokes and made a joke book. Some of the jokes were shared with the rest of the school in assembly which are displayed below:-

Nukhba in 1MT

"What do you call a sheep without legs?   A Cloud!!"

Eliana in 2LG

"Where do french people eat dessert?  In the Trifle Tower!!"

Sara in 3RH

"Why was 6 afraid of 7?    Because 7 8 9!!"

Harry in 4HK

"How do you make a milk shake?  Give it a good scare!!"

Adam in 5CS

"What did the cow say to the chicken?    Cocka MOOdedoo!!"

Claudia in 6KV

"There was a family of tomatoes and they were going on holiday.  The daughter was in her bedroom still playing games, so the dad told her to 'ketchup'!!"